Whether you turn to the right or to the left,

your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,

“This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21

Don't be Moses ...

"When I reach the world to come, God will not ask me why I wasn't more like Moses.

He will ask me why I wasn't more like Zusya."

(early Hasidic leader, Rabbi Zusya)

Be holy where you are ...

I am thoughtful this week about the idea that most of human unhappiness stems from within.

We are unhappy, many of us, with ourselves.

I often wonder what kind of energy might be freed up in the human soul if we simply were done disliking ourselves, berating ourselves, wishing we were someone else.

This is why I love the Merton quote I posted yesterday: “A tree brings glory to God by being a tree.”

That simple line says almost everything I want to say about self-acceptance, but also about the most profound way to glorify God – by simply becoming oneself.

So, more on this topic from Mother Theresa:

“The president of Mexico sent for me. I told him that he had to become holy as a president: not a Missionary of Charity, but as a president.

He looked at me a bit surprised, but it is like that: we have to become holy, each of us, in the place where God has put us.”

What might it look like for you to “become holy” in the place where God has put you?

Give up the idea that you should be somewhere, someone else.

Use all your God-given energy to become more and more who you actually are, right where you are.

The driver's seat ...

"I heard an old man speak once,

someone who had been sober for fifty years,

a very prominent doctor.

He said that he’d finally figured out a few years ago that his profound sense of control,

in the world and over his life,

is another addiction and a total illusion.

He said that when he sees little kids sitting in the back seat of cars,

in those car seats that have steering wheels,

with grim expressions of concentration on their faces,

clearly convinced that their efforts are causing the car to do whatever it is doing,

he thinks of himself and his relationship with God:

God who drives along silently, gently amused, in the real driver's seat. "

(Anne Lamott,  Operating Instructions)