Whether you turn to the right or to the left,

your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,

“This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21

What's one small risk?

A few more insightful questions that have prompted reflection lately:

1. What's one small example of how you have "customized" your life for the better?

(And, by "customized" I mean created unique rituals and habits that fit best with who you are and how you function)

2. What have your actions over the past year been saying about how you prioritize personal growth? What kind of silent progress (meaning you don't have to put everything on social media) would you like to make in your life by the end of 2019?

3. What's one distraction that has been getting the best of you lately? Why?

4. What truly DOES matter to you most right now?

5. What's one small risk you believe is worth taking in 2019? What's the first step?

Aren't these great?

I spent an hour with #5 this past week and it was both daunting and exciting. I gained new insight into some stirrings deep down in my soul about what's next for me.

The next time you go for a run, take a walk, or drive across town perhaps take one of these questions along for the ride ...

The next time you share a meal with your spouse or some good friends, consider asking one of these questions as a way to spark meaningful conversation ...

Maybe try one of them to start your next meeting at work ...

More to come.

And remember, all these questions come from - http://www.marcandangel.com/


Some journal prompts for the week ...

I have been doing some good journaling during this cold snap in the Midwest.

Here are a few prompts that have been so helpful to me:

1. What's one hard lesson you're grateful life taught you in the past year?

2. What's something you've moved on from that once meant the world to you? And, what's something you love today that you never knew you needed in your life?

3. What's one unchangeable reality you're still holding on to and resisting? What can you do right now to ease your mind into the acceptance of this reality?

4. Who would you be, and what else would you see about your present life situation, if you removed the thought that's been worrying you?

5. How has your daily environment been affecting you recently?


Such great food for thought. 

Often, I don't think I have an answer to the question. But the longer I sit and let my mind turn the prompt over and over, I find something pops into my head and as I write, I gain more and more insight into things inside my soul that need expression.

I have had some great realizations.

Some new ideas about how I'd like to make changes this year.

Some convicting insight into my behavior and habits.

More prompts soon!

All journal prompts from http://www.marcandangel.com/

Each of us is the swing vote ...

We need each other.

Each of us is responsible for what happens on this earth.

We are each absolutely essential, each totally irreplaceable.

Each of us is the swing vote in the bitter election battle now being waged between our best and our worst possibilities.

(Leonard Peltier, b. 1944)

What outrages you?

Such important reading this morning in Fleming Rutledge's brilliant book on the Crucifixion of Christ.

In it, she writes:

... in our world, something is terribly wrong and must be put right. If, when we see an injustice, our blood does not boil at some point, we have not yet understood the depths of God. It depends, though, on what outrages us. 

To be outraged on behalf of one's own group alone is to be human, but it is not to participate in Christ.

To be outraged and to take action on behalf of the voiceless and oppressed, however, is to do the work of God.

I fear many, including myself more often than I wish, do not dig deeply enough into classic and orthodox Christian theology, and so our understanding of God and what he did for the world on the cross is truncated, shallow, self-centered and without teeth.

Rutledge is reminding me that the message of the cross is much more than simply "Jesus died for my sins so I can go to heaven." Much, much more.

The cross carries deep, deep messages about the very nature of God. So deep that the human mind can never plumb the depths. Nevertheless, we should try.

If the cross and what happened on it does not shape our lives on behalf of our neighbor, especially our oppressed neighbor, we have seriously misunderstood the cross.

All this feigned outrage on the part of rich, white, Western Christians that is erupting in our country today is bunk.

In light of the cross of Christ, it is just bunk.