What if the church ...

Something to ponder this morning ...

What if the church helped people become the kind of people who:

Loved one another?

Forgave one another?

Prayed for one another?

Bore one another's burdens?

Were devoted to one another?

Regarded one another as more important than oneself?

Did not speak against one another?

Did not judge one another?

Showed tolerance for one another?

Were kind to one another?

Spoke truth to one another?

Built up one another?

Comforted one another?

Cared for one another?

Urged one another on to love and good deeds?


What if that is all we did?

What then?

How different might the church look in today's world if we just focused on those things?

(Hat tip to Philip Yancey and his book, Vanishing Grace)


Tags: Called to Community, Living Gratefully, Living Truthfully, Living Hospitably, God's Mission, Personal Calling, Developing a Rule of Life, Mission of the Church