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Welcome to Live the Way ... I am so glad you are taking the time to join me here!

This blog flows out of my lifelong love of God and my desire to walk in the ways of Jesus.  It also flows out of my church's interaction with the best leadership and discipleship development curriculum I've ever experienced!

In fact, the name of this blog comes directly from one of the courses of this leadership experience, entitled A Way of Life.  My hope, at least initially, is to encourage my friends who've participated in this course to actually "live the way" of Jesus after our classroom experience together is over. Who knows where it might go after that?

The purpose behind the Vantage Point 3 curriculum is to help churches develop Christ-like leaders by exploring three key questions in community:

Who is God?

Who am I?

What does God want me to do with my life?

The second year of the curriculum - A Way of Life - focuses on helping us understand how to pursue a friendship with God, engage in intentional and uniquely Christian community, and live missionally in all we do.

This is where this blog comes in ... The topics I'll post about are pulled directly from the VP3 curriculum, but the new thoughts expressed are mine.  My short posts are meant to be regular reminders to keep walking, to keep living, to continue to listen to the voice deep within your spirit that whispers ...

This is the way. Walk in it.

Please join us, and invite others ... You are very, very welcome here.